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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Detox Day Two

There is a jar of peanut butter sitting on the table next to me. It’s talking to me and telling me to open it up and dig in. Dig in with a big hunk of chocolate. Im not sure if I’m hallucinating from a major lack of food, or if I’m just trying to talk myself out of continuing this madness. That's right, its only day TWO of a 28 day cleanse. Sigh.

For those of you who don’t know, Terra and I have decided to embark on 28 day raw cleanse, which starts with 7-10 days of nothing but raw vegetable (and some fruit) juices. Technically it is not fasting, because we are supposed to consume four 32oz juices per day. You would think that if you are not eating, that would not be too difficult. Yeah.. not so much. Yesterday I started with three 24oz juices and I forced the last one down, today I couldn’t even drink that .. Im finding it impossible to drink this much fluid. But, I am still hungry. Grr.

Terra is doing this because she wants to be ready for her upcoming nuptials, I’m doing this because apparently I’m a masochist, and a supportive friend. Either way, Im thinking “whose idea was this anyway” right about now. However, I have done fasts before, and if there is one thing i have learned it is that day two or three is usually the worst and then all of a sudden you just aren’t hungry anymore. When I woke up this morning I was surprised at how good I felt and how little hungry I was, so much so that i spent an hour and a half in the kitchen slaving over my juicer. Who knew not cooking or eating could take so much time and effort? But the day progressed and congestion and the hunger set in, and now its just me versus the peanut butter.

On a side note, I was just exchanging texts with Terra and when my auto-correct changed ‘sayin’ to ‘satin’ her response was ‘mmmm, seitan’, so I’m pretty sure she’s feeling the same way! (Seitan being a tofu-like non-meat made from wheat gluten - hey anything sounds good when you’re this hungry).

What is the purpose of this post you ask? Honestly, I have no idea. I'm pretty sure my brain is too hungry to work. But, Aside from just trying to give you a glimpse into our journey, hopefully its a lesson that cleansing or fasting is not easy and should not be taken lightly. The results are certainly beneficial, especially if you want to jump start weight loss or aid healing from chronic illness, but it’s certainly a ‘no pain, no gain’ experience. Detoxing is well, detoxing... your body needs to go through some discomfort (fatigue, congestion, headaches etc.) and adjustment in order to rid itself of the things that have been ailing it. Generally it gets worse, before it gets better... and I for one can not wait until it gets better!!

Keep it Fresh!
- Jill

1 comment:

  1. You two are very brave women!

    I am hoping to do juicing fast in May to cleanse my liver. I know it'll be difficult. So I'm looking forward to hearing your amazing benefits to inspire me :)