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Chick Bits....À la carte Health

Interested in getting healthy but not sure where to start?  Try a taste of 3 Healthy Chicks Holistic Health Counseling through our Chick Bits À la carte health menu!

Nutrition 101— A two hour session going over macronutrients and foods that provide them.  A basic overview of how to start moving toward a more healthy integrative diet.  Handouts and food samples included.  $100; $75 each for a group of three or more.

Get Fresh! Health Food Market Tour— A one and a half hour tour of Whole Foods Market, Dean’s Natural Food Market, or Nature's Corner (or your choice of store). $75; $45 each for a group of three (no more than three per tour)
Meal Planning Basics —A customized, one hour session in how to plan meals for your family without the stress and last minute scramble.  $75 individual; $45 each for a group of three or more.

Kitchen Clear-Out—A one to two hour session in your home to zen your kitchen. We'll go through your foodstorage areas to determine what should stay and what should go. $125.

Going Gluten Free - A 2 hour session teaching you how to maintain a gluten free diet.  We'll teach you how to read labels and find hidden gluten, start you off with delicious gluten free recipes and show you tricks to make the transition easier. $85 individual, $55 each for a group of 3 or more. 

Greens, Grains, and Beans—A one hour session going over these three wonderful groups of foods and how to get more of them in your daily meals. $75 individual; $45 each for a group of three or more.

Energize Your Life— A one hour seminar discussing the foods and lifestyle changes including yoga postures that can help you gain back that youthful energy.  $75 individual; $45 each for a group of three or more.

Deconstruct Your Cravings— A one hour seminar about the foods we crave and why we crave them.  Gaining an understanding will help you to overcome the cravings that take over your life. $75 individual; $45 each for a group of three or more.

Fertility Awareness - A 2 hour seminar about Natural Family Planning. Instructions for achieving or avoiding pregnancy: teaching you how to tune into your body's subtle signs and how to chart these signs and look for patterns.  $125 individual; $65 each for a group of three or more. 

Eat Right For Your Blood Type—A one and a half hour seminar introducing the idea of nutrition guided by your blood type.  Instant blood typing kit included for on the spot information as well as handouts and recipes.  $95 individual; $65 each for a group of three or more. 

Interested in something else that's not one of our Chick Bits? Email us and we'll develop a program specifically tailored for you!