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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Healthy Chick Melodies - Lykke Li

Ever notice how your music taste changes with the season? I tend to take out my happy, lighthearted albums as the Springtime approaches because that's how I feel inside! It's exciting seeing the daffodils poke their leaves out from the Winter dirt and the music I listen to needs to fit that feeling!

What this Healthy Chick is listening to...NOW!:
Lykke Li's album, Youth Novels, is by no means new (2008), but it has resurfaced in my iTunes and has been all I've been listening to! I have been enjoying it as I drive in my car, cook in the kitchen, as I work and especially as I'm getting ready to go out! This dance pop/quirky indie album is bold, classy, charming, adorable, sensual and totally sexy!! Have no fears boys, my best friend (one of the most masculine boys I know) passed this album along to me when it came out!

Her name sounding like a play on the Norwegian word lykkelig, meaning “happy”, the similarity seems rather fitting considering the effervescence Lykke Li displays both onstage and on record. I saw her live last summer at All Points West, where she gracefully gallivanted around stage in an outrageously gorgeous outfit. As I walked away from her stage to see another artist perform she was covering Kings of Leon's "Knocked Up"...I was blown away!

A few of the gems on this album are "I'm Good, I'm Gone," "Let It Fall," "Breaking It Up," "Everybody But Me," "Little Bit (CSS Remix)."

If you want my favorite Lykke Li song (its from the EP of one of the songs on this album), shoot me an email @ lauren@centeryourhealth.net with the subject: Send me Lykke Li! and I will send it your way! I promise, it's sooo good!

What are you listening to right now? I'd love to hear, please share below!

Keep it fresh!
- Lauren

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE Lykke Li :):):)
    take care.<3