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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Calling All Bottle Caps, Buttons and Glass Jar Tops!

I am working on some really fun, creative craft projects for 3 Healthy Chick's Etsy page, (coming this Spring) and am collecting materials. I'd like to recycle as much as I can for these crafts, therefore I'm reusing bottle caps, buttons and the tops of all glass jars. The next time you toss any of those materials into the trash, please put them aside for me so that I can reuse them. Pretty please with an organic cherry on top!

Anyone who helps me out will receive a gift from 3 Healthy Chicks!

Thanks so much in advance!

(Photo is a sneak preview of what I'm working on with the bottle caps. I'm creating a unique collage inside each cap and turning them into colorful, inspirting magnets!)

Keep it fresh!
- Lauren