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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top ways to GLOW!

Hey guys! Long time no blog. I know. I'm sorry. I have no real excuse other than, well life is crazy busy. Sprouting Wellness is running full steam, and apparently I am planning a wedding as well. :) So excuses, excuses, excuses.

Besides my humble apologies, this blog does have a little content as well. Last week I gave a FREE teleclass called Dazzling Healthy Divas: How to GLOW from the inside out. The teleclass was a lot of fun and went over really well, so I thought I would share a bit of it here!

A Dazzling, Healthy Diva is a woman who glows. Regardless of her age, you see a spark of youthfulness in her eyes, her skin glows, her nails and hair shine and she had a spring of energy in her step. She’s got a magnetic glow. Men are attracted to her and women want to be her. Some of you may think that magnetism is something that some women just “have” and some don’t. In reality, every woman can have it you just have to follow a few key tips!

I have broken down the word GLOW into four quick tips so you can remember to glow. They are: Get Real and Get Fresh, Love yourself up, Organic is Outstanding and Workout and feel Wonderful! Totally simple and easy! Now break them down and see what each is really all about and what it can do to make you GLOW!

Get Real and Get Fresh! The fastest way to GLOW is to Get Real and Get Fresh! I am talking about the foods that you put into your body. Get fresh and get real about food. Crowd out the processed sugary foods with brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat the rainbow. Whole fruits and vegetables contain energy from the sun. When consumed, they not only give us the energy for our bodies to run, but they help us glow like the sun as well.

Love yourself up! Pay kind, loving attention to yourself. There are two parts to loving yourself up, you will GLOW when you love yourself up physically and mentally.

Organic is Outstanding! Besides being free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, these fruits and vegetables have better textures and are consistently better tasting. Because organic produces isn't waxed or chemically treated, it must be sold fresh, and the fresher produce is, the more nutritious and tasty it is! If you can't afford to go organic, buy locally grown fruits and vegetables when possible. They're bound to be fresher than produce that has been shipped long distances.

Work out and love doing it!

It’s all about the exercise baby. When we move our bodies, we improve circulation, our skin releases toxins, our muscles work and grow strong, our bones hold their density we burn away our excess and the best part…we feel great! It’ doesn’t matter what you do, just move your body and sweat daily.

And there you have it. Simple tips to help you glow and become a dazzling healthy diva. Get Real and Get Fresh, Love up on Yourself, Organic is Outstanding and Work out and love doing it. If you follow these guidelines, not only will your health improve, but you’ll have more energy and you’ll begin to glow from the inside out!

Keep it Fresh!


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