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Monday, August 9, 2010

This Healthy Chick's Opinion of the SkinnyGirl....

On July 5th it was a miserable 105 on the Jersey Shore. I love my vitamin D, I love the sunshine and I love being outside in nature during the summer, but 105 is downright offensive. Stephen and I were wiped out from the holiday weekend so we stayed in all afternoon. I was reading while he was catching up on his DVR shows.

One of the marathon of show's he was watching was Bethenny Getting Married. The only thing I knew about "Bethenny" was that she was one of the Housewives of NYC. I wasn't very impressed. All those reality shows that seem to endorse excess seemingly at the expense of people's feelings turn my stomach. But I am a sucker for anything wedding so it caught a bit of my attention.

It was the episode where Bethenny was cooking breakfast for her future in-law's the Hoppy's. I kept hearing words like "chef" "natural" "whole grains" and "frittata." What's a NYC Housewife talking about things like whole grains? Why the hell is she cooking a frittata instead of the hired help? I was curious and starting to get sucked in.

As a trained attorney, when something grabs my curiosity and I know nothing about it, I tend to dive straight into research without looking back. This is pretty much what happened with Bethenny and I. The first thing I realized....I pretty much live under a rock, Bethenny is a reality TV mega-star. Martha Stewart, NYC Housewives and now Bethenny Getting Married? Who knew? The second thing I realized.....she is pretty freaking impressive. Fast forward to...what's today, August 9th? and I have a confession. I am now borderline obsessed with Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel.

In the past month I have sopped up everything Bethenny Frankel, and washed it down with a bottle Skinnygirl Margarita. As an author, Bethenny has written numerous books (each of which I purchased and read) on how to get "naturally thin." Bethenny has a simple and forward writing style. Her books are easy reads and filled with amusing prose, star studded parables, healthy tips and amazing recipes. She shines as a natural foods chef. While I wouldn't categorize Bethenny as a weight loss guru or qualified health coach (I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want that title either) her books are extremely helpful in flipping the (self) perception switch. They're worth the money just for that.

Bethenny Frankle is a powerful, savvy, female business entrepreneur. I love her sassy attitude and determination for success. NYC Housewives aside, she is a wonderful role model for young business women who want it all. And to top it off, she makes a damn good low calorie, all natural Skinnygirl Margarita!! I will enjoy watching her find balance in her new life as wife and a mother. She gets a thumbs up from this Healthy Chick.

Keep it Fresh!


  1. Skinnygirl Margarita still in my freezer, you just made me thirsty!
    its delish!

  2. I wish you lived closer to me. i would love for you to help me shop.

  3. This is Wende BTW

  4. Shop for what, Wende? Maybe post some questions on our fanbook page and we can help you out via the interweb! :D

  5. I love Bethenny Frankel! She came up to Boston for a book signing of her new book "The Skinnygirl dish," and I was lucky enough to meet her. Not only is she a healthy inspiration, but she's funny, down to earth and a breath of fresh air! When I asked her what her biggest guilty pleasure it (mind you, she was pregnant at the time), she said she doesn't have a guilty pleasure because eating shouldn't make you feel guilty. But her current obsessions was cheesecake and frosting. I LOVED that comment. It stresses the importance of not being so crazy about what you are eating, or else it will just stress you out and work against you. Instead, it's best to eat well & be happy. Love your blog and the message you give out.