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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Truth in Advertising....

If you read this blog in a web browser instead of a feed reader, you will notice that there is now a block of text ads to the left of our side bar. We know that this type of advertising can be a turn-off to some readers, but we would appreciate if you could bear with us for a few weeks while perform a little experiment and test it out.

It's no secret that many of us bloggers use our blogs to generate additional income for our businesses. As a start up company in a new, but blossoming field, we are incredibly thankful that we are able to operate with limited start up funds. That being said, as a start up business it's a constant struggle, with tight budgets and financial decisions to be made, and the cost of printing, marketing and food items quickly ads up!

When we started this blog in August, it wasn't our intention to be a full-time blogging site, generating a full-time income - and it's still not. It's our intention to use holistic health counseling to promote local, sustainable foods and wellness opportunities. However, we're trying to do what we can to contribute to our bottom line. Through the Blogher Ad network and individual sponsor ads in our sidebar, we are able to ease the financial burden of making a start up health counseling business a success. We have been advised that the new block of text ads in that location will contribute significantly to our blogging income, so we're trying it out for a bit just to see if it makes any difference in our Google AdSense revenues (we will let you know how it works out in case you want to do the same!).

We just wanted to draw it to your attention and put out there to the universe why the new ads have appeared. We're not trying to be anything but accessible, truthful bloggers, so we wanted our thought process to be as transparent as possible.

Thank you for your readership and joining us in the adventure over the past year. Now, back to the holistic healthy living tips!

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