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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Healthy Chick Melodies - Broken Social Scene

The past few months have been ridiculous as far as good music goes. I've had to refrain myself from writing a few reviews on some new albums and remind myself that this blog is for health and wellness...music is only allowed here and there! But I'm just as passionate about my love for music as I am for my love of food, health and yoga, so it all works out, right?!

Without going into details, Local Native's latest album, Gorilla Manor, has completely rocked my world. By far the best album of 2010 thus far. Can't say enough about it. The Morning Bender's, Big Echo, another amazing album that I get excited about each time it comes up on my playlist. MGMT's, Congratulations, has me completely googly-eyed in love. Those boys have totally blown me away with this album. I was not expecting their sophomore album to be this good! The National also just released their new album, High Violet. I'm excited to give it a listen!

Anyway, I have anxiously been awaiting another Broken Social Scene album, and it's finally here! Just as I had hoped, its as amazing as ever.

What this Healthy Chick is listening to...NOW!:
Broken Social Scene's NEW album, Forgiveness Rock Record. Broken Social Scene is my favorite multi-member indie collective band. There are 6 band members with some superstar guest contributors (what makes BSS soooo great!) on this go-round! And more exciting news, BSS just announced that they will be releasing EP (8 tracks!) for this album called Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights in May. Yay!!!

A few months back my girlfriend and I were able to score tickets for us to see Broken Social Scene in May. They will be playing at Webster Hall next week. We are SO excited and hoping that some of their guests will make some appearances!!! Tonight I'll be seeing Frightened Rabbit (they also just released a new album which is ridiculous) as well as Yeasayer next week!!! So many great shows and its only Spring!

A few of the yummy songs on this album that I'm loving this very moment are "Sweetest Kill," "All to All," "Texico Bitches," " Forced to Love," and "World Sick." If you want a song from Forgiveness Rock Record, shoot me an email @ lauren@centeryourhealth.net with the subject: Send me BSS! and I will surprise you with a song or two!!

What are you listening to right now? I'd love to hear, please share below!

Keep it fresh!
- Lauren

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