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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh When the Saints Go Marching In!!

Overindulgence and Super Bowl Sunday seem to go hand in hand. This year instead of gorging on unhealthy fatty, salty foods choose foods that will nourish your body and sustain you throughout the long haul of the game. Who wants to miss the impressive half-time show due to indigestion?

Stephen and I are going to try out y
et another awesome recipe from my great friend Tracey, black bean and brown rice burgers. We're going to pair them with some home made veggie chili, but they would also go great with Lauren's Sweet Potato Wedges.

I know that most people have money on the Colts, as a former resident of the City of New Orleans, I will be clad in gold, green and purple sequins cheering the saints on. But let's be honest I just might flip back and forth between the Super Bowl and the PUPPY Bowl on Animal Planet.

Black Bean and Brown Rice “Burger”

2 cans black beans rinsed and drained (or ½ pound dried beans soaked overnight and rinsed)
1 red bell pepper (small dice)
1 poblano pepper (small dice)
1 red onion (small dice)
1 can corn rinsed and drained (15 ounce)
2 cloves garlic (almost paste)
2 cups brown rice cooked (about 1 cup uncooked)
6 ounces V8 juice or other tomato juice product
1 egg
1 cup bread crumbs
¼ cup olive oil (more if needed to form sticky)

Cayenne Pepper
Chili Powder
Kosher Salt
****all to taste: the c’s about 1 tablespoon for spicy burger.
Manchego cheese for top at last minute of cooking

Tomato (large dice)
Fresh Cilantro (small dice or chiffonade)
Lime Juice
Kosher Salt
*****mix all together for “salsa” salad on top of burger…..really tower

1. Sauté peppers and onion with garlic until soft. Let cool.
2. Mash black beans allowing some to remain whole.
3. Add all ingredients together with the beans and mix until combined. Do not over mix since the rice will break down.
4. Form into 8 ounce balls (this recipe will give about 10)
5. Sauté for 8 minutes on each side in olive oil.
6. Last minute of cooking put shredded Manchego cheese on the top.
7. Remove from pan top with salsa salad and serve.

Keep it Fresh!
~ Terra

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