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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Healthy Chicks on NJ News 12!!

Lauren and I just finished taping our first 3 Healthy Chicks spot on News 12 NJ's 12 to Your Health series on natural ways to boost your immune system during the cold and flu season. Wow! Talk about an adrenaline rush!!

We got to the News 12 studios in Edison, NJ at 10am for our 10:45 taping. Just enough time to sit, go over our talking points and get good and nervous.

Mike walked us into the Studio, we set up the table filled with all of our healthy goodies (Fresh seasonal vegetables, natural sugar alternatives, water, Netti Pot, teas and multi-vitamins) and then met Dr. DeSilva. Dr. DeSilva definitely put us at ease and made the whole taping feel like a nice conversation rather than being on camera. I personally think it was slightly terrifying, but we made it through and I think we did a great job.

Please tune in on December 12 and 13th at 9:30am, 1:30pm or 4:30pm to see us!! We will try to get a youtube video up on line as soon as possible so our non-local fans and clients can check it out.

I will say that it felt just a little lopsided talking about 3 Healthy Chicks without our 3rd Chick. We know you're doing great things in Rwanda for Gardens of Health, Jill....but we miss you terribly and are eagerly awaiting your return!!!

Keep it Fresh!


  1. How exciting!!! You ladies are rock stars! :)

  2. Just watched your clip from News 12...Fantastic Job!!! Keep up the amazing work.