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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Friend Shout Out

Embracing your community is one of the most important philosophies behind what 3 Healthy Chicks do. A sense of community can be many things and while it can, it doesn't necessarily have to relate to your geographical surroundings. Becoming active in your community and fostering friendships and business relationships is the most significant way to make change. Hiliary Clinton said, "it takes a village" we at 3HC know that what she meant was, it takes a community. ;-)

In fostering our own wellness community, I have decided to start a weekly tradition at the 3 Healthy Chicks blog...The Friday Friend Shout Out. Each Friday we will give a shout out to a person or organization in the wellness community that has touched our life or taught us something about health and wellness or is making health and wellness waves in their community .

I decided to give the firs Friday Friend Shout out to my amazing friend and mentor Taraleigh Silberberg at the Healthy Hippie Magazine. Taraleigh is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health Counselor, Hippie Fashionista and clothing designer, writer, dancer, sex kitten fiance to Dan and all around do-gooder.

Taraleigh is a furor of positive energy taking daily steps to change the world. In her own words she, "inspires people to live green, healthy and happy lives full of love art and music through the Healthy Hippie Magazine." She coaches people "to respect their body by feeding it nourishing whole foods and in turn teaching them a respect for not only themselves but the earth." And "by committing to be myself no matter who wacky people think I am and to have fun while doing it others feel free to let their freak flag fly."

Go Taraleigh! You are amazing!
Check out the Healthy Hippie Magazine for an online subscription.

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